No wonder that the tickets for this year are already sold out.

No wonder that the tickets for this year are already sold out.

Together with Saxon and Iron Maiden, Judas Priest is considered to be the founder of the British “New Wave of Heavy Metal”. The performance of the metal band took place on Thursday evening.

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On his Instagram profile, the 45-year-old then wrote about several photos showing him on the premises: “Last night I was one of 80,000. One of those who are turning a small town in the Steinburg district into a town. One of the Fans of the Wacken Open Air. ” After a tour of the site and a visit to the fire brigade and police, politicians were drawn to the stage. “To see one of the bands live that I used to listen to as a motivator before handball games: Judas Priest.”

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Highlight on Friday

Today, Friday, there is another highlight: Otto Waalkes will perform at the Wacken Festival! Even if the 70-year-old is not exactly known for metal, many will probably listen to his concert with the Frisian boys. Occasionally, however, critical voices can also be heard.

Otto Waalkes: The cult comedian also makes a big appearance at the Wacken Festival. (Source: dpa)

Wacken founder Thomas Jensen argues against this: “Otto is actually a musician legend.” The comedian also likes rock and is therefore in good hands at the festival. Today, Friday, Otto can prove whether Jensen is right. After all, the cult comedian is used to the big show. 

Sources used: dpa Instagram profile of Daniel Günther

From August 3rd to 5th the big heavy metal festival Wacken starts again with 150 bands. This year big names like Marylin Manson, Alice Cooper and Volbeat are there.

In 1990 the noisy festival was held for the first time in the small community of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein and has been an integral part of it ever since. No wonder that the tickets for this year are already sold out.

Very important for a successful festival: music fans with flashy outfits. (Source: dpa)

The Wacken is one of the most popular festivals in the metal scene. The 75,000 visitors have enough space to wallow in the mud on an area of ​​over 214 hectares. The weather plays the same song quite often and it’s called “Regen”. But the Metalers don’t let that spoil their mood.

Mud is part of the Wacken. (Source: picture alliance / photo booth)

For everyone who unfortunately cannot be there live at the festival, there is something special: Because viewers can now watch the bands from home in an exclusive live stream from MagentaMusik 360. Here is the stream.

There are also 2×2 3-day festival tickets including camping for the Wacken Open Air to be won for the sold out festival.

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The deadline for submitting the prize is July 30, Participation takes place to the exclusion of legal recourse. Employees of the companies involved and their relatives are excluded from the competition. A cash payment of the prize is not possible. All participants over the age of 18 take part in the drawing of the prize. The event must be attended personally by the winner. Selling the ticket (s) / event to third parties is not permitted. Entitlement to the prize for the event with the event deadline specified above.

Wacken (dpa) – Live stream instead of festival with 75,000 visitors on Wacken: On Wednesday (July 29th) an online event will start as a replacement for the heavy metal festival in Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, which was canceled due to the corona pandemic. The digital festival runs until Saturday (August 1st).

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On Wednesday, performances by Body Count with Ice-T, Anthrax, Motor Sister and by Metalqueen Doro are planned. On the four days of “Wacken World Wide” concerts by Blind Guardian, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, Kreator and Beyond The Black and Sabaton are also on the program. Wacken gigs from previous years by Iron Maiden, In Flames and Arch Enemy complete it.

According to the organizers, the musicians will play live at the festival. They should be filmed in real time with precise camera tracking and integrated directly into a virtual set. The fans should not just be spectators, but should also be involved through hands-on programs and interactions.

The organizers had canceled the world-famous heavy metal festival with visitors from more than 80 nations due to the Corona crisis in mid-April. Wacken co-founder Thomas Jensen called the streaming festival “no copy of the right one”. He hopes metal fans will party at home before the stream.

This weekend it will be particularly loud in a village in northern Germany – the 29th Wacken Open Air is coming up. What there is to know about the heavy metal spectacle.

Almost 200 bands. Including rock legends, smaller acts from the international metal scene, and an artist you wouldn’t really expect at such an event: this year’s “Wacken Open Air” from August 2nd to 4th has a lot to offer. 

The “French fries fork” as a greeting: Metal fans want to celebrate in Wacken again this summer. Photo (2016): Axel Heimken Photo: Axel Heimken.


On almost three square kilometers, a total of nine stages for the around 75,000 paying fans are played simultaneously. The tickets for the multi-day event (proud price: 220 euros) are already sold out, as a spokeswoman said. The heavy metal festival will take place for the 29th time in the tranquil 1,800-inhabitant village of Wacken. It is located a few kilometers northwest of Itzehoe and east of the Kiel Canal.

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Incidentally, the Wacken church will be renamed the “Metal Church” during the festival. Concerts are also held there at certain times. Services are also held.

There is a supermarket on the premises, “six large shower camps with washing facilities”, where free drinking water is available. A “culinary variety” is offered and if there is no more cash there are eight ATMs. If you can’t go without your cell phone, you can have it charged in the so-called Electric Hotel. Incidentally, animals are not allowed on the festival site, but there is at least a boarding house ten minutes from Wacken.

Schleswig-Holstein, Wacken: Numerous fans have already set up their tents. (Source: Axel Heimken / dpa)

There is definitely a lot going on in Wacken: the gates have been open since Monday. The first small concerts and events are already taking place.

Headliners – including a surprise

The British band Judas Priest will headline the stage on Thursday. But also artists who are less associated with the metal scene are on the program. Otto Waalkes – just turned 70 – performs with the Frisian boys on Saturday night. He once flew over the Wacken Acker in a helicopter and saw the headbanging sea of ​​thousands of hard rock skulls in motion. “Otto is actually a musician legend,” says Wacken founder Thomas Jensen of the East Frisian. The artist, mostly known as a comedian, also likes rock and is therefore in good hands at the festival.

To be noted because of the weather

The very dry weather was pointed out before arrival. For example, it should be checked whether cars are losing liquids and how much heat they radiate to the floor, since hot exhausts can cause fires. “So keep a close eye on the vehicles after your arrival until they have cooled down,” said the organizers. In addition, a fire extinguisher should be taken with you if possible.

Dirty refreshment: A visitor to the Wacken Open Air allowed himself to be dug into a mud hole to cool off. (Source: Axel Heimken / dpa)

Is there a riot?

The Wacken Open Air has existed since 1990. According to the police, it is “mostly boisterous and peaceful”. In the almost 30 years of its existence, no major missions were necessary – arguments or tangible brawls in the past were “well below the normal tent festival average,” it says. This year, too, the police are assuming a largely peaceful outcome. In addition to the officials, according to the organizer, 1,800 security guards and stewards will be on duty.

Sources used: Wacken-Running-Order

Bathe in the holy water at the Jordan, listen to the prayers at the Western Wall or enjoy the view over Jerusalem with the golden center of the Dome of the Rock – highlights of an Israel vacation for most travelers, for others just a short rest stop on a bike tour across the Holy Land. Israel is the number 1 destination for matters of faith – but if you want to play the black sheep, you can confidently leave the flock of pilgrims and set off on your own (bike) path – it’s worth it! See for yourself in our photo show: Cycling in Israel.

Cycling in Israel

Photo series with 11 pictures

I bike Israel

Just as big as Hessen (within the so-called Green Line / Armistice Line), it offers cycling holidaymakers in particular the opportunity to try out all the terrain in a very short time. Through pine forests in the north, along the beach along the Mediterranean coast or through the Negev desert in the south – cyclists can hardly expect more variety.

As varied as the routes are, Israel is still in the middle of developing its bicycle infrastructure. Investments in the expansion of paths, their marking and marketing have only been made for about 10 years. The young metropolis of Tel Aviv was a pioneer here. Whether parents with child trailers, courier drivers or spontaneous drivers who rent bicycles at one of the 170 rental stations – Tel Aviv is the Amsterdam of the Middle East. Incidentally, the Tel Avivers only pay around 50 euros per year for the rental bike stations.

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By bike on the Israel Bike Trail

The largest bicycle project, however, is the expansion of the Israel Bike Trail. Similar to the hikable Israel Trail, from 2018 cyclists will be able to ride a contiguous cycle path once across Israel. The trail leads around 1000 kilometers from Mount Hermon in the north over the Sea of ​​Galilee, past the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea to Eilat in the south of Israel. In December 2013, the first 300 kilometers from Mitzpeh Ramon to Eilat will open. Average cyclists need about a week for the route. The next stage is planned for 2014 in the north – from Mount Hermon to Nazareth. Many European cycling holidaymakers opt for a desert tour. Some are attracted by the silence and loneliness, others by the unfamiliar landscape – there is a wide range of interests in such a tour. A sporting challenge and a unique experience is definitely waiting for those who embark on the adventure of a desert bike tour. The following tours are particularly impressive:

Bike tours through the Ramon Crater (Makhtesh)

The hot air crackles over the Ramon crater: 500 meters deep and 40 kilometers long it spreads across the Negev desert. Sand, stones and a couple of ibex braving the heat – at first glance the idea of ​​a bike tour through the huge crater seems absurd, but the thrill has already led many skeptics to try it. The entire area is a nature reserve, and in the visitor center in Mitzpe Ramon, visitors can find out more about tours and the history of the crater.

There are numerous tour offers, from one to multi-day trips, by foot with an off-road vehicle or even by bike. The small desert town of Mitzpe Ramon is the perfect starting point for a descent into the heart of the crater. If the view down is enough, you can also ride some of the spectacular bike routes on the edge of the crater.

A special tour tip is the Mishor-Harukhot circular route – length: 22 kilometers, degree of difficulty: medium, starting point: parking lot at the petrol station at the entrance to Mitzpe Ramon. Description: Beautiful bike path in a less crowded area with the option to stop at a lookout point. Path: gravel, single track.

Desert trails by mountain bike

If you want to sniff the desert air from your saddle on the way back from the Ramon Crater, you should stop at Canyon Ein Advat. Overnight tip in the area is “Karmei Ovdat”: A real eye-catcher is not only the vineyard that the Izrael family cultivates in the middle of the desert, but also their lovingly designed holiday bungalows with outdoor bathtub – including a desert view.

From the farm there are several cycle paths of various levels of difficulty leading into the area. Bikes can be rented in the nearby Midreshet Ben Gurion (from 15 euros per mountain bike / 2 hours). Beginners should start with the Tzin Field Trail: the easy five-kilometer tour rewards with great views over the Tzin Valley