Bachelorette satisfied after surgery: Gerda Lewis raves about her breasts

Bachelorette satisfied after surgery: Gerda Lewis raves about her breasts

In the 1960s, Patrick played little Eddie Munster in the cult series "The Munsters".

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The happy couple’s wedding took place in front of around 90 invited guests at a private ceremony in the US state of Missouri. "Butch and I had a great day out with family and friends who traveled for us from far and wide"Murray told the "People"Magazine after the wedding.

During the wedding celebration, the well-known singer Susan Cowsill picked up the microphone and performed some of the newlyweds’ favorite songs. Cowsill and Patrick have been friends since childhood.

Met again this year

The couple met a few years ago through a mutual friend, but then lost sight of each other for a long time. The two did not get in touch again until this year, and the engagement wasn’t long in coming.

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Patrick played the monster pupil Eddie Munster from 1964 to 1966, but did not make a great acting career afterwards. After a lead role in the series "Lidsville" and some film supporting roles he withdrew early from the industry. Today he looks after the website of the "Munsters".

Cameron Boyce died suddenly in early July. The actor was just 20 years old. After an autopsy, what he died of has now been made public.

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Cameron Boyce’s premature death shocked fans around the world. The actor who made mainly through the Disney series "Jessie" Well known, was found lifeless in his Hollywood apartment on July 6th. According to the autopsy report, he died of an epileptic seizure.

"A sudden, unexpected death"

Shortly after his death, Boyce’s family spoke of the young actor being involved in a "persistent illness" suffered and just didn’t wake up in the morning. Assumptions that he died of an epilepsy attack made the rounds in the US media. These have now been confirmed by the official autopsy report that the Los Angeles County’s Forensic Medicine has published on the homepage.

Death from the epilepsy attack was said "suddenly" and "unexpectedly" the autopsy report says. The autopsy of Cameron Boyce’s body began on July 8th, the cause of death could not be determined at first glance, so further tests had to be carried out. The results show that he died of natural causes of epilepsy. 

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Boyce made his debut appearance in horror film when he was nine years old "Mirrors".technology topics for essay In the same year he was in a music video for the band Panic! to see at the disco. He played in "Grownups" and "Grownups 2" next to Adam Sandler. He was popularized as Luke Ross in the Disney series "Jessie" (2011 to 2015) known. He later appeared in many other Disney productions. Several films and series starring Cameron Boyce are currently in post-production.

Sources used: dpa news agency Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner: Cause and manner of death determined for Cameron Boyce (Engl.) IMDb profile of Cameron Boycemore sourcesshow less sources

As a little Forrest Gump, he won the hearts of an audience of millions at the age of eight: Michael Conner Humphrey (29) played the retarded hero in 1995 who made his way despite all adversities – and achieved great things. And this is what the child star looks like today. And – even though more than twenty years have passed – one would recognize him immediately. In our photo show we show you how other child stars of yore have changed – you will be surprised.

We still remember Humphrey’s sensitive performance: Because of a spinal problem, young Forrest has to wear leg braces and is therefore mocked by his classmates. When he falls into the hands of nasty comrades again, he loses his rails and discovers that he is a very fast runner. The adult Forrest Gump was then played by Tom Hanks.

Klein Forrest wasn’t allowed to go to the Oscars

The fame and success that the makers of "Forrest Gump" Harvested in the mid-90s, Michael Humphrey passed by without a trace. Even the 1995 Academy Awards where "Forrest Gump" picked up six golden boys, he did not visit. The reason: His parents were too poor to buy the tickets. So the family watched the glamor event on TV at home.

No career as an actor aspired to

His role in the cult flick could have opened the way for Michael Humphrey to an acting career, but according to a report by the "Daily Mail" he decided to pursue a career in the military. As a member of a special unit, he served in Iraq, among other places. The photo was taken on one of his missions. By the way, his nickname there was – who could expect anything else – Gump.

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Today the 29-year-old lives in Independence (Mississippi) and studies international relations.

Actress Ina Paule Klink found what she was looking for on her adventure. The bell rings with revealing pictures "Wilsberg"-Star a new era.

Schlager is so beautiful

Photo series with 8 pictures

Ina Paule Klink separates. After 20 years in the role of lawyer Alexandra Holtkamp, ​​she is leaving the ZDF crime series "Wilsberg". In the new edition of the, she explains what the upcoming farewell feels like to her "playboy": "I go with love and gratitude"said the actress. Now the 40-year-old is looking for new challenges – and starts to drop the covers, as you can see in the video above or here.

"It is not a decision against ‘Wilsberg’, but for the other things that I have had to neglect over the years"she says. The artist wants to advance her music career. She is not afraid of what may come. "I would argue that I’ve never felt as brave and strong as I did when I was 40. I’ve never been so at peace with myself."

This is also the reason why she decided on the revealing shoot. The actress would like in life "be on the search for adventure as long as possible" – the "playboy" belong in their opinion.

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As the lawyer Alexandra Holtkamp she will soon be seen one last time. After 20 years, saying goodbye to her series colleagues is correspondingly difficult: "It’s like a breakup. Like moving out with mom and dad." At the end of June she will be the last episode in her "Wilsberg"- Turn the roll and then, Klink is certain, it will be again "howled a lot".

Sources used: Playboy: "Paule and the adventure"

Suzanne Crough, the youngest of the "Partridge family", is dead. The actress died on Monday in her home in the US state of Nevada, reports US media. She was only 52 years old.

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No information was given on the cause of death. An autopsy is due to determine the cause of the sudden death on Wednesday.

Born in 1963, Suzanne Crough played the role of Tambourine playing Tracy in the popular TV series from 1970 to 1974 "The Partridge family". But after that she felt like so many other child stars. Attempts to gain a foothold in other roles as an actress failed. In 1980 she withdrew from the public eye.

One of the most popular series of the 90s clearly belongs "Hear who’s hammering". It’s been 20 years since the show was canceled – and the three boys in particular are barely recognizable.

"Hear who’s hammering" – This is how the stars have changed

Photo series with 15 pictures

Tim Allen was the head of the Taylor family for eight years in his role as Tim Taylor. In "Hear who’s hammering" From 1991 to 1999 he amused the audience with wit, charm and a little clumsiness – especially when it came to handicrafts. You can see how the stars of the series have changed in our photo show.

"Tim and Jill Taylor"

The self-proclaimed "Handyman king" Tim Allen landed a few movie roles after the show ended – the last episode ran on May 25, 1999. For example, he spoke in all three "Toy story"-Film the toy astronauts Buzz Lightyear and in "Santa Clause – A nice present" he played Santa Claus against his will. He has been the lead actor on the sitcom since 2011 "Last man standing".

Tim Allen’s series wife Jillian Taylor, played by Patricia Richardson, was a TV star even before the series about the Taylor family. "Hear who’s hammering" made her internationally known. After the cult series had ended "Jill" therefore no problems in finding further engagements. For example, she played in the series "Strong Medicine" or "The West Wing" with and was a guest star in "Last man standing" seen alongside Tim Allen.

One actor has already died

An omniscient, always helpful neighbor to Wilson, Earl Hindman was the secret star of the show. (Source: United Archives / imago images)

Tim Taylor’s hardworking assistant Albert "Al" Borland was played by actor Richard Karn. After the series ended, he was hardly seen in Germany. From 2002 to 2006 he hosted several episodes of the US version of the "Family duels" and also popped in "Last man standing" on.

Earl Hindman starred in 204 episodes of the Taylor family’s neighbor Wilson Wilson Jr. The funny or unusual thing about his role was that his face was never completely visible, but was always covered by something – often by the garden fence. Hindman took over "Hear who’s hammering" play a small role "Criminal Intent – crime in sight". Shortly thereafter, the actor developed lung cancer and died in 2003 at the age of 61.

"Brad, Randy and Mark"

Especially "Brad, Randy and Mark", the sons of the self-appointed "Handyman" Tim Taylor are hardly recognizable. (Source: ZUMA Press / imago images)

Performers Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith spent much of their childhood with "Hear who’s hammering". Even after the series ended, they remained loyal to acting. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the Randall "Randy" Taylor played, for example, was in the films "A wild mess", "The legend of Pinocchio" and "Wild America" to see.

Zachery Ty Bryan, who played the oldest of the Taylor boys, worked in, among others "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Smallville" With. In 2006 he was in the blockbuster cinema "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" to see.

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Taran Noah Smith played Marcus "mark" Taylor. He also tried to gain a foothold as an actor after the series ended, but was not very successful. He made it into the headlines anyway: In February 2012, he was caught on drugs and sentenced to three years probation.

Sources used: own research

Schleswig-Holstein has welcomed the announcement by Denmark that the controls at the border with Germany will be clearly lured and the crossings will be reopened as soon as possible. "The people in the German-Danish border region waited longingly for this decision for almost half a year"said Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) on Friday in Kiel. The day before he had been informed of the decision of the state government by the Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Danish government, but also the minorities for the friendly, constructive and open dialogue that we have had over the past few months on the situation at the border"said Günther. The state government in Germany and Denmark had campaigned for the usual normality to return to the border region.

After the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Denmark closed its land borders to tourists and other foreigners who did not have an important reason for entry in mid-March. In the past few months, the restrictions have been withdrawn more and more. Germans have been able to vacation in Denmark again since mid-June. Nevertheless, so far only three of the 13 border crossings are open, which leads to traffic jams at the control stations.

Günther reminded that people in the entire German-Danish border region were particularly affected by the measures related to Covid-19. "On my summer trip to the border region two weeks ago, I was able to convince myself that even after the partial opening of the border in mid-June there were still many cases of personal hardship." Those affected would have had to accept long detours and unnecessary waiting times every day.

It makes sense to analyze the border closure phase together with the German government and the Danish government and to draw the right conclusions from it, said Günther. Modern control procedures should also be addressed, which could make it easier for commuters to cross the border in the future.

The party of the Danish and Frisian minorities was also relieved with the SSW. "I am pleased that the appeals from the border region have finally been heard in Copenhagen"said the state chairman Flemming Meyer. "This is good news for border commuters and residents who have been suffering from traffic jams on the border with Denmark for months."