The Rheinische Post had initially reported the incident

The Rheinische Post had initially reported the incident

The 57-year-old from Uelzen drowned near the village of Emmendorf in the Elbe Lateral Canal, the Lüneburg police said. Misfortune in Lower Saxony: 16-year-old drowns in the bathing lake. Man drowned: Missing 58-year-old dead in the Saar discovered unsuccessful attempts at resuscitation: Grandpa tried to save granddaughter – both drown

The drunk 57-year-old tried to swim through the water on Tuesday evening. Presumably due to health problems, he was then no longer able to leave the canal on his own and went under. Emergency services could only recover the man’s body.

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A 25-year-old man has been missing in the Rhine near Trebur (southern Hesse) since Thursday afternoon. He was out swimming with a group and suddenly sank into chest-deep water. The search for him was canceled after dark, the police said.

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The swimming accident occurred on Thursday around 5.45 p.m. when a 25-year-old harvest worker was in the area of ​​the "Large gold background" went swimming in the Rhine near Trebur (Groß-Gerau district). Together with three men and a woman, the four are said to have stood about 15 meters from the shore up to chest height in the water.

According to a witness standing on the bank, the man suddenly threw up his arms and sank into the water. After that he was no longer seen. The three other people were able to return ashore.

With a total of 50 vehicles and 120 emergency services, fire brigades and the water police searched the disaster area. Divers and a police helicopter were also used. However, the missing person could not be found by evening.

Accident in Schleswig-Holstein: A 39-year-old drowned in Rendsburg. All attempts to reanimate him were unsuccessful. The criminal police are investigating.   

A 39-year-old man drowned in Rendsburger Obereiderhafen on Monday evening. The course of the accident was still unclear, said the police. According to the information, the lifeless body could only be recovered after some time and an extensive search.

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Resuscitation was in vain. According to media reports, a man had previously fallen drunk into the water in Obereiderhafen. The police did not confirm this. The criminal police are investigating.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A child fell into a stream in Upper Bavaria and died. Apparently the four-year-old had disappeared from the house unnoticed. What exactly happened is still being investigated.

In Tüßling, Upper Bavaria (Altötting district), a four-year-old child fell into a stream and died as a result of the accident. As the police announced on Monday, the four-year-old had disappeared from his parents’ house the day before. After a few minutes, the mother noticed that the child was missing and immediately called the police.

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After a quick search, they found the four-year-old lifeless in a stream near the family home. Despite immediate attempts at resuscitation, the child later died in hospital. The investigation into the exact course of the accident is ongoing.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The Saxon State Authority for Private Broadcasting and New Media (SLM) has a new managing director after a long The media council unanimously voted for Hardy Sieglitz, the SLM announced on Thursday. "The complex challenges we are facing require both professional excellence and a wealth of experience in the field of media supervision and promotion, as Dr. Sieglitz has them"said the President of the Media Council, Markus Heinker, on Thursday according to the announcement.

In February 2019, SLM parted ways with its then managing director Martin Deitenbeck. According to SLM, the reasons for the dismissal of the long-standing managing director were significant differences in key issues of strategic orientation. Since then Sieglitz had taken over the acting management. The institute is responsible for approving and supervising radio and television programs in Saxony.

As part of the initiative "Track and delete" Media houses in Rhineland-Palatinate have so far filed 41 criminal charges against hate comments on the Internet. In 8 of these cases it was possible to determine the suspects, in 14 other proceedings are still being investigated, reported the Rhineland-Palatinate State Secretary of Justice Philipp Fernis (FDP) on Friday in Mainz. "Our claim was and is: hatred and agitation on the Internet should not only be deleted, but their authors should also be consistently prosecuted."

Hate comments on the Internet are increasing and are directed primarily against moderators, reported Verena Kober from the ZDF judicial office. Comments ranged from extremely derogatory remarks to death threats. "We report every criminally relevant process."

Most of the 41 cases related to television and therefore came from the SWR and ZDF, said the director of the state media authority, Marc Jan Eumann. A moderator of the radio station RPR1 was also approached. In addition to these three stations, the law enforcement authorities and the media supervisory authority – the state media authority – the radio stations bigFM and Rocklandradio as well as the daily newspapers are also participating in the project "Rheinpfalz", "Rhein newspaper", "general newspaper" and "Trierian friend of the people".

The threshold for advertisements is set relatively high and conscious within the project "first extreme cases" been covered, said Fernis. By no means can all problematic posts on the net be successfully prosecuted. "It is relatively easy to find reinforcements for abnormal cheeses online." Society will have to solve this problem in the next few years. "We will regulate very little with criminal law, most we will regulate with education"said Eumann.

In Solingen, a dispute at a children’s soccer tournament has escalated: While the children were playing on the field, their fathers were arguing, suddenly one of them drew a knife – in front of the children.

At a children’s soccer tournament in Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia on Saturday, a father attacked another with a knife and stabbed him. The 47-year-old was briefly treated in hospital. The 45-year-old suspect initially fled, but was later found in his apartment, said a police spokesman on Sunday. First of all, the "Rheinische Post" reported.

The coach of one of the participating teams wrote on Facebook that the father was "completely disengaged" and got with a knife "Parents of my children attacked in front of all children". The man then fled and left his child behind. "The tournament was of course interrupted and my kids and those from the opposing team were totally in shock and burst into tears." 

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 The trainer also wrote: "Such people have no business being on a sports field. Should there be controls at the entrance soon or what? I appeal again to all the parents of the players, please hold back when your children play on the pitch!"

Sources used: dpa news agency

The group dragged a handcuffed man out of the car and dragged him across the street: When pedestrians saw this, they alerted the police. But the alleged criminals got off lightly.

Film recordings of a group of students triggered a police operation in Völklingen in Saarland on Sunday. The young filmmakers had hidden a man in the trunk of a car for a planned crime thriller. When they took the man out and dragged him into a green area, some passers-by thought it was a real crime and alerted the police.

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The officials were able to clear up the incident on Sunday, they said. The movie actors were all dressed in the style of the seventies. The police advised them to notify the authorities in advance of any future recordings. According to the information, the film project was part of a bachelor thesis.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Mannheim, a dispute between two spouses in an outdoor pool has escalated: The man attacked his wife and other relatives with irritant gas – and injured two children in the process.

In a family dispute, a man sprayed pepper spray in an outdoor swimming pool in Mannheim. Five people suffered minor injuries, including two children, the police said on Sunday. 

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 Apparently, this was preceded by a dispute between the 38-year-old and his wife. The woman was with relatives and their children in the swimming pool when her husband appeared and reportedly sprayed the irritant gas in the direction of the family. The 38-year-old is being investigated for dangerous bodily harm.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Large-scale police operation in an outdoor pool in Düsseldorf: bathers are said to have felt harassed or threatened by a group of young men. The bathroom had to be cleared.

There was a dispute with several hundred bathers involved in an outdoor swimming pool in Düsseldorf. After several emergency calls, the police arrived on Saturday with dozens of officers and tried to mediate.

"The arriving emergency services found a group of several hundred people, mostly young men, who had surrounded a family and yelled at them"the police said. "The father stood protectively in front of his family and was involved in arguments and a brief tussle with individuals from the group." Reportedly, the father is said to have previously opposed some young men who misbehaved in the bathroom and jumped over spread blankets and bathers. Then more young men showed solidarity with the troublemakers and surrounded the family.

Since the situation threatened to escalate in the opinion of the police, further emergency teams were called. The police tried to separate the opponents from each other. Thereupon the officials from the larger group were molested. Individuals had thrown cartons of drinks in the direction of the emergency services or tried to provoke the police by challenging them. In this situation, the police also used pepper spray, but no one was injured, said a police spokesman. 

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 After the police reinforcements arrived, the situation was calmed down. "The surrounded family was escorted from the swimming pool by police forces." In order to avoid further conflicts, those responsible for the outdoor pool decided to close the pool for the rest of the day. "The evacuation of the bath went largely without a hitch." Only one unruly bather was briefly taken into custody. A part of the aggressive group of people was noticed again a short time later by shouting at the exhibition station.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Several dead on the A2 in Lower Saxony: a truck crashes into a van – there are secondary accidents during the rescue work. 

According to the police, three people died in serious accidents on the A2 near Peine. Two others were seriously injured. The highway was blocked on Monday morning in the direction of Hanover between Peine-Ost and Hämelerwald. At the end of the traffic jam there were already follow-up accidents, said a police spokesman.

According to initial findings, a lorry had overlooked the end of a traffic jam, whereupon another lorry and a small van collided with it with almost no brakes. Both occupants died in the van.

A third person died in a subsequent accident at the end of the traffic jam in which four trucks were involved. Two other people were injured. They were taken to the hospital in a rescue helicopter. The operation continued in the morning, how long the motorway would remain closed was not yet foreseeable. Traffic was diverted.

Sources used: dpa

In Thuringia, unknown perpetrators seriously injured two sheep. They shot the animals with arrows. Two young animals were stolen. 

Unknown people shot arrows from a crossbow at two sheep in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district in Thuringia. They also stole two lambs from the same paddock in the village of Bibra, a police spokesman said. The sheep were critically injured by the arrows.  

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 According to the spokesman, the lambs were only a few days old. So far there are no indications of the perpetrators. The act is said to have happened between Monday and Tuesday.

Sources used: dpa news agency

FC Augsburg signed the Polish right-back Robert Gumny. The 22-year-old comes from Lech Posen and will receive a contract until June 30, 2025, as the Bundesliga club confirmed on Wednesday. Previously they had "Augsburg General" and the "Kicker" reported on the transfer.