I’d like to inform about Are international guys using women that are finnish?

I’d like to inform about Are international guys using women that are finnish?


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Probably one of the most typical stereotypes that we confront in Finland being a foreigner, and guy of color, is the fact that men anything like me relocated to Finland to simply take Finnish females. To begin with, this label forces every international guy and Finnish girl as a narrow label that ignores the greater amount of story that is positive. Most of us would like to be effective people of Finnish culture who would like to work, fall in love, and raise a family maybe. 2nd, the idea of going for a woman that is finnish or any woman for instance, renders that woman voiceless and not capable of making separate intimate choices.

I desired getting some responses with this label because I became hearing it more often from Finnish individuals I became to arrive connection with. I made a decision to interview of a dozen men that are foreign Finnish ladies to see just what their viewpoint was with this stereotype. After months of interviews I settled on four interviews that stood out of the sleep.

Each interview started with a question that is general their intimate experiences with international males or Finnish females and ended with their applying for grants the stereotype.

Finnish females:

Henriikka Saari, 30 (name changed) is an IT supervisor at a software that is leading in Finland and only dates foreign males. She actually is perhaps perhaps perhaps not in a relationship that is committed.

Exactly just What happens to be your intimate experiences with international males?

We never dated or kissed A finnish guy or even a white guy because of their looks. I actually don’t like white skin. It does not attract if you ask me. We choose Ebony males with complete lips. They smile plenty. They flirt. They may be good dancers. They may be perhaps maybe perhaps not shy or scared. They may be a little cocky but confident. It is exactly in regards to the mindset and, in the event that mindset is great, he is gonna get intercourse.

Foreigners will also be better fans. Finnish guys have no idea simple tips to show love. These are typically passionate only if they truly are drunk. Finnish guys are not able to be smooth. All it requires is self- self- confidence and a smile that is good. And you may get it.

Maybe you have heard the label of international guys using women that are finnish? If that’s the case, exactly what you think about this?

We heard it and I also think it is good that foreigners are using women that are finnish. I do not view it as a bad thing at all. There is nothing more gorgeous than two different people sharing two countries, languages and possibly having a grouped family members that is interracial and multilingual and worldwide. Adding a spice that is little it makes things more exciting. As a result of these interracial relationships, Finland has become a happier and an even more place that is international.

Let me know more about your relationships with international guys

Foreigners tend to be prepared for any such thing. I am talking about. all of the tasks together with partying. The positivity can be a great bonus because you scarcely find a depressed black colored or international guy. Foreigners frequently find joy in easy things while focusing on being pleased. One big plus is that they truly are therefore family-oriented. You could get to learn their family that is entire so, and feel at ease around them. Additionally, the tradition, language, music, and meals are things that are good.

Generally in most [of my] relationships, I have been treated like a queen though they may have ended badly. Showing love in public places areas and sweet speaking is therefore normal to foreigners. It’s not hard to get compliments, and foreigners have a tendency to concentrate more about their female’s look

Milla Vaahtera, 34 is a designer and instructor whom shows innovative reasoning and is in a committed relationship by having a Finnish guy but who has got dated international guys

Exactly just exactly What happens to be your intimate knowledge about foreigners?

I have had intimate relationships with a few foreigners and dating people that are foreign. My very first boyfriend ended up being Norwegian Saami and through the Saami tradition. I have dated both Finnish and international dudes.

Perhaps you have heard the label of international males using Finnish ladies? In that case, exactly exactly just what do you consider about this?

Yes, we’ve heard about it and I also believe that it isn’t a real declaration however it is a real fear. Driving a car holds true though it might never be appropriate. It is not about Finnish prejudice about international individuals. It really is more about tiny communities. I became visiting a tiny community [in Finland] once I had been 15 and ended up being traveling by coach so when i obtained from the coach in this little town in Lapland there have been rumors on offer that We’m taking boyfriends. And so I think this label is something rooted in tiny communities who worry losing a partner or someone they’ve a crush on to the brand new shiny foreigner or outsider regarding the community whenever I go to Lapland and you can find these little villages it requires a bit for the ladies to simply accept me personally I will take their spouses or seduce everybody because they fear. I’m perhaps perhaps perhaps not here to seduce individuals. I am there to fish and enjoy nature. But that is a thing that we do not think is just in Finland and it is the normal reaction to driving a car that i shall lose somebody or something like that .

International men:

Lincoln Kayiwa, 36 (Uganda, Africa) is certainly one of Finland’s many successful business owners in the look globe. Lincoln came across and fell deeply in love with their future life companion 8 years back and it is in a committed relationship.

Exactly What happens to be your intimate experiences with Finnish females?

Well, I am able to just examine my one relationship that is current. We have been together for 8 years and I also never glance at her as a Finnish girl or being a person that is white. We share the exact same interests. We now have healthier debates and will intelligently deal with matters that are subject race being one factor. It is a healthier relationship because we see one another as equals.

Maybe you have heard the label of foreign men taking Finnish ladies? If that’s the case, exactly just what you think about this?

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