Dmca Takedown Forces Google To Remove Links To Pirate Bay

After that, you only have to choose the one you like best. Sometimes it’s hard to free yourself of distractions to write productively, especially if you’re writing online. This new extension quickly opens a new tab for a clean and neutral text editor that auto-saves while you’re working if you need a break from where you normally write. Have you ever come across a word you’re not familiar with while doing research online? Instead of Googling it in a separate tab, quickly highlight the word and click on the Google Dictionary extension to get the definition. For marketers and bloggers who work in technical or research-based industries, LibKey Nomad can be an extremely useful Chrome extension to have in your arsenal. The extension allows you to find, access, and source millions of scholarly articles based on the library that you primarily use.

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Note that you’ll need to refresh page tabs already open in the browser for the hotkeys to work in them. Also, note that a hotkey might not work if it’s the same as a default Chrome keyboard shortcut. You can delete any customized hotkey by pressing the Delete button beside them on the Shortkeys Options tab.

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Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Using these tools will help you reclaim additional space, but it will improve the overall performance and problems during updates. To use Picture in Picture on Chrome, download and install the extension. You will see a new PiP icon on the top right corner of Chrome. Whenever you’re watching a video or binge-watching Netflix. Just tap on the icon and it’ll automatically minimise the screen to PiP. Similar to the first option, you can drag and place it anywhere on the home screen.

  • UnHackMe is small and compatible with any antivirus.
  • This method is a bit difficult for a lay man as it includes writing different sets of commands in the PowerShell.
  • In addition to the chronologically sorted session display, users can also rename previous sessions and sort tabs into convenient groupings for easy topical relaunching.
  • Added an option that allows left/right alignment of the translation tool.
  • Although the lyrics of music do not really affect me, the usage of Taiwanese definitely sounds more brutal than the English language.

This broke the badges for a bunch of repositories, including thepiratebay. Thankfully, an equivalent service is run by This pull request changes the badges to use instead. The domains were never used as the site’s main address. did forward to the original .org domain at one point, but that’s about it.

Services And Data Not Impacted

During the uninstallation procedure, delete all Chrome-related registry entries. Also remove the leftover files and folders that Revo Uninstaller detects. After installing Revo Uninstaller Pro, open it up, and then click Browser Extensions to initiate a scan for all installed browser extensions. Once it finishes generating the results, select the extension that you want to remove, and then click Remove. Repeat for any other extensions that you want to delete.